The Truth About Kargo Master

Preparing a new van for work can involve many questions.  Not only do you want the best gear for your trade, but this equipment has to fit and last for years.  One brand likely to come up in your search is Kargo Master. This may lead you to asking questions like:  Are Kargo Master products good quality? Is Kargo Master a quality company?  Read on as we provide the answers to these questions and more.  

Kargo Master History

Kargo Master was founded in 1982 and was acquired by Holman Enterprises in 2018.  Kargo Master is headquartered in Rancho Cordova, CA, and has warehouses in California and Maryland.  More than 70 employees handle manufacturing and operations. 

New Jersey-based Holman is a family-owned enterprise with 7,000-plus employees and multiple divisions, including automobile dealerships. 

What Do Customers Say About Kargo Master Quality?

Online reviews of Kargo Master include comments like, “Top-quality and American-made!” and “Easy install, fantastic operation.” And, while feedback is mostly positive, there are some negative remarks. The criticism mainly focuses on incomplete products or the need to deal with the company’s customer service for replacement parts. Many of the knocks against the products occurred before the company was acquired by Holman.

Kargo Master takes pride in that all of its products are designed and manufactured at the company’s 50,000-square-foot facility in Rancho Cordova. The firm highlights that the latest technology and advanced quality control systems are at the center of its manufacturing operations. 

Kargo Master Customer Service Details

Product support for Kargo Master products is available by phone (800-343-7486) or by online form.  Access to assembly and installation instructions is readily available online.  Production catalogs and application guides can be downloaded.      

Kargo Master Warranty Details

Kargo Master provides a 36-month (3 year) limited warranty on its products. This coverage is for defects in workmanship or materials, but is valid only for the original purchaser. Additionally, the warranty does not provide protection if the product is misused or neglected.  Importantly, Kargo Master advises consumers that its warranty is valid only for products purchased through an authorized distributor. This is a common policy in the automotive parts industry.

Popular Kargo Master Products

Kargo Master offers an extensive catalog of storage solutions for trucks and work vans.  Here are two of our most popular items.

Kargo Master Workbench: 52″ W x 37″ H x 16″ D

An in-vehicle work surface is ideal for when certain tasks can’t be performed onsite or if weather conditions slow down productivity. A Kargo Master workbench is built with 18-gauge shelving and 16-gauge side panels for maximum durability.  A powder-coated backsplash keeps loose parts under control and a sealed maple benchtop is perfect for multiple tasks.

Clamp & Lock HD Aluminum Ladder Rack: 6.5′

A side-access rotation rack, like this cleverly designed Kargo Master system, can make ladder access easier for employees and reduce related injuries.  Aluminum construction keeps down overall vehicle weight and the no-drill installation (via factory roof mounts) make setup a breeze. Conveniently, this rack can accommodate most step ladders, too. 

Kargo Master and Upfit Supply

Operating a business is stressful enough, so don’t add to your burden when it comes to equipping a work van.  Instead, let the Kargo Master experts at Upfit Supply help.  We’ll quickly identify gear solutions perfectly matched for your company.  Contact us today for professional service.

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