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The First 5 Van Accessories Every Tradesman Needs

Whether you’re launching a company or expanding the fleet, configuring a new work van can be confusing.  And choosing the right upfit gear from the beginning is essential, so you don’t waste time or money. 

Read on as we review the best must-have equipment for your work van.  Each highlighted category will offer one or more key benefits:

  • Enhance worker safety and comfort
  • Promote van security and value
  • Increase productivity

#1 Bulkhead Partition

One of the most important things you can do with your cargo van, is protect the driver and passenger. With most cargo vans carrying heavy equipment and tools, having these items shift during transit can be extremely dangerous. If the driver of the van suddenly swerves to avoid a road obstacle or needs to brake quickly, the cargo in the van can quickly come crashing towards the cab. This can result in serious injuries if not protected by a bulkhead. It’s why a bulkhead/partition takes the number one spot in our list of top 5 accessories for your cargo van. Every van needs to have a bulkhead

Think about the thousands of dollars of tools and cargo that get carried in the back of your work van. An alarm system and reinforced locks only go so far in protecting these valuables. And they offer little security when all a thief has to do is smash a window and enter through a front door.  Another benefit of a bulkhead partition is it creates a significant disincentive for this type of activity.

Bulkheads come in various styles ranging from solid composite partitions to walk-through versions with secure windows. Plus, a bulkhead is easy to install, offers instant security, reduces road noise, and better controls temperatures in the cab.

#2 Protective Flooring

What’s on that cargo floor now? Chances are it’s just painted metal that’s easy to ding. Plus, a plain floor is a slip-and-fall accident waiting to happen.  Minimizing the possibility of damage or injury is as simple as adding a cargo-area floor mat.  Customized for your specific van, a cargo van mat or rigid floor will protect against the inevitable tool drop and limit spill hazards.

#3 Ladder Rack

If a ladder is a fundamental tool for your business, a cargo van ladder rack should be part of the van’s setup.  This upfit essential serves several functions:

  • Safety: Equipment like an easy-to-use drop-down rack makes ladder storage more accessible than a hard-to-reach roof rack that can lead to stretching injuries.
  • Security: A proper ladder rack means there is no more storing the ladder lose in the back of the van. This way, the ladder won’t get knocked around or cause damage to the van’s interior.
  • Space: Getting a ladder out of the back and onto a rack translates into more cargo space for your tools and supplies.

#4 Shelving and Storage

Being organized helps get a job done more quickly, which improves the bottom line.  With this in mind, a van shelving and storage system makes it easy to access tools, components, and everything else.  Knowing exactly where those fittings are is a lot better than wasting time constantly searching for everyday items. Plus, some systems can be configured with a handy built-in work surface. 

#5 Seat Covers

The easiest way to preserve your van’s value is by adding seat covers.  Later on, when you sell or trade-in the van, simply pull off the covers to reveal seats in today’s condition.  High-quality seat covers protect the van’s upholstery from stains, jean dye transfer, and most punctures.

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