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The Top 5 Cargo Van Floor Mat Solutions

In the world of work vans, floor mats can be overlooked in favor of things like van shelving and vehicle partitions. But, mats offer significant benefits that can help your business’s bottom line. 

  • Promotes Employee Safety: No one wants a workers’ comp claim, but it’s inevitable without certain precautions. A cargo area floor mat minimizes the risks of water, oils, and other liquids that can accumulate. Team members can enter and exit the cargo area with confidence.
  • Protects Vehicle Value: The better condition a cargo van is, the more it will fetch at trade-in time. A floor mat can protect the cargo area from inevitable tool and cargo dropping. And the sooner this happens, the quicker the van will be shielded from dings, scrapes, and corrosion. 

Best Choices For Cargo Van Floor Protection

Let’s explore ideal options for protecting team members and vans.

StabiliGrip: Legend Fleet Solutions

StabiliGrip from Legend Fleet Solutions is the only van flooring solution that uses a dimensionally-stable composite. So, you can be assured of consistent performance, especially during extreme temperatures and harsh conditions. At the same time, StabiliGrip offers impact and moisture resistance and a rugged anti-slip surface that won’t bulge or buckle. StabiliGrip is available for most cargo vans.

AutoMat: Legend Fleet Solutions

Legend’s AutoMat flooring is the ideal answer for van owners looking for wallet-friendly vehicle protection. Custom-fit for most work vans, AutoMat is adaptable for any situation that requires more traction. Durable quarter-inch virgin rubber with a checker-plate surface provides slip resistance for workers and cargo. In addition, AutoMat is easy to install and remove, making it more flexible than some other flooring systems.

VanTred: BedRug

VanTred’s half-inch polypropylene foam backing and TPO rubber top provide impact protection and a rugged work surface. Importantly, it’s a composition that holds up against chemicals, moisture, and mildew, while limiting cargo movement. Best of all, VanTred is die-cut for each specific vehicle leaving van owners with a straightforward and professional-looking installation. VanTred is made in the USA.

VanRug: BedRug

VanRug offers a surprisingly affordable custom-fit floor covering that meets the needs of contractors, service providers, delivery companies, and other van-reliant businesses. Made from durable 100% polypropylene, VanRug combines the look and feel of carpet with long-lasting protection and insulation qualities. Its tough composition stands up to chemicals, oil, water, and other liquids. If things get dirty, a quick clean-out with a hose or vacuum will get your van back to normal. 

WeatherGuard Floor Mats

Available for most full-sized cargo vans, WeatherGuard floor mats are made from 3/16″ thermoplastic rubber engineered to resist chemicals, solvents, oils, and other corrosive liquids. An integrated grip pattern safeguards against slipping and limits cargo movement. Plus, wall-to-wall coverage ensures the van’s floor remains protected from dings and corrosion. 

Upfit Supply: Your Source for Cargo Van Floor Mats

Let the experts at Upfit Supply help with cargo van flooring. We’ll match your business needs with the ideal protective solution. Contact us today for personalized service and no-obligation advice.

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