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How To Install Kargo Master Ladder Racks on Ford Transit Vans

Kargo Master is one of the market leaders in roof ladder racks for Ford Transit vans. Kargo Master products are high quality and easy to install. Each ladder rack kit includes everything you need to successfully install it on your vehicle yourself.

Below, we’ve outlined an overview of the Kargo Master ladder rack installation process for Ford Transit 150, Ford Transit 250 and Ford Transit 350 cargo vans. This guide does not replace the installation manual from Kargo Master, so be sure to consult the manual during your install. If you’re looking for your installation instructions, you can find a list of Kargo Master installation instructions for Ford Transit vans below.

Step One: Install The Mount Kit

The mount kit contains Ford Transit-specific brackets and hardware that allow you to attach the ladder rack to existing holes in the roof of your van. The mounting process varies slightly depending on the particular ladder rack and the wheelbase, roof height, and body length of your Ford Transit.

  1. Remove the threaded emboss plugs from the front and rear of the van roof.
  2. Place a rubber pad between the mounting bracket and the roof of the van (to prevent damage to the roof).
  3. Install the mount brackets using the provided hardware. Be sure to use a thread sealant on the bolts to ensure a water-tight seal, which prevents moisture from entering the cabin.


Step Two: Install The Rack Feet/Rail

The rack feet are what your actual ladder rack will attach to and sit between the mounting brackets and the ladder rack. Depending on your particular ladder rack model, this process may vary.

  1. Adjust width of cross bow to match width between mounts on the van.
  2. Bolt cross bow and feet to van mounts. Snug tight for now.

Step Three: Attach The Ladder Rack

This is going to sound way too easy, but it is easy. Once you’ve completed and on-the-ground assembly required, you simply need to attach the ladder rack to the roof feet or rails.

  1. Bolt front bow to front feet.
  2. Bolt rear bow to rear feet.


Step Four: Tighten All Hardware

In many of the previous steps, you will have left hardware snug tight or slightly loose in order to allow for tolerances in the installation process. Once everything is attached, be sure to tighten and follow any torque specs provided by Kargo Master and Ford.

Kargo Master Installation Guides for Ford Transit Vans (By Part Number)

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