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How To Install Holman (f/k/a Kargo Master) Ladder Racks on RAM ProMaster Vans

You’ve received your Holman (formerly known as Kargo Master) ladder rack shipment, and the only thing left to do is install this essential gear on your RAM ProMaster work van.   The good news is that setting up the Kargo Master system is straightforward. 

Read on for an overview of the installation process for your RAM ProMaster 1500, ProMaster  2500, and ProMaster 3500.  This summary is not a substitute for the instruction manual included with your Holman ladder rack. So, take time to go over the setup details provided by the manufacturer thoroughly.  Below this article is a list of individual Holman installation instructions for the RAM ProMaster ladder racks.

Step One: Prepare

Before the installation, you’ll want to follow a few steps to get things started properly.

  1. Locate a level and safe area to park the van. Engage the parking brake.
    • Indoors: Ensure there is sufficient van roof clearance to avoid contacting overhead lights or other obstructions.
    • Outdoors: Be certain there are no overhead powerlines or objects that may interfere with the installation
  2. Inspect the van’s roof to check for pre-existing damage and that the installation area is clean.

Step Two: Install The Mount Kit

The mount kit you’ve purchased is specific to your RAM ProMaster van and will enable you to install the Holman ladder rack via the mounting points on the van’s roof.  Installation may vary depending on your van’s model and configuration, so be sure to follow the supplied instructions.

  1. Locate the two forward T-stud mounting locations on the roof and attach the forward mounting feet.
  2. Attach the forward track/rail to the forward mounting feet.
  3. Locate the rear T-stud mounting locations on the roof and attach the rear mounting feet.


Step Three: Install The Rack Rail

The rack rail (or feet, depending on the system) connects the ladder rack to the mounting brackets. The instructions will walk you through the exact steps, but here’s an overview of installing the rack rail.

  1. Adjust the crossbow’s width to match the width of the van’s mounts.
  2. Bolt the crossbow to the mounting brackets. Snug-tight only the hardware (you’ll tighten everything later on).

Step Four: Attach The Ladder Rack

Your ladder rack is almost ready for use.  

  1. As needed, assemble the rack structure on the ground or a work table.
  2. Secure the front bow to the rail or feet.
  3. Secure the back bow to rail or feet.


Step Five: Tighten The Hardware

As a follow-up to the previous steps, tighten all hardware to complete the installation process.  Be sure to follow any torque requirements specified by Holman and RAM.

Step Six: Finishing Up

You’re almost ready to get to work!

  1. Test out the system by adding a ladder.
  2. With everything in place, measure the new total height of the van (the van height plus the height of the new rack with a ladder).  Check out our roof height measurement guide (it’s for a Ford van, but the steps are the same for your ProMaster).
  3. Add the new height measurement to a sticker and place this information prominently on the dashboard to prevent any low-clearance accidents in the future.


Need Help With Holman Ladder Racks?

The professionals at Upfit Supply are here to answer your questions about equipping your work van.  Contact us for installation guidance and ordering help.

Holman Installation Guides for RAM ProMaster Vans (By Part Number)

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