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Van Shelving Installation: The DIY Vs. Professional Method

Choosing van shelves is only half of the process of upgrading your work van. You also need to get the system installed. A do-it-yourself strategy is one approach, and hiring a professional installer is another.

There’s no right or wrong way, but it comes down to understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each approach, what resources are at your disposal, and how quickly the work needs to be completed. Installing van shelving isn’t an overly difficult job, but there are potential risks (including damage to the van). Let’s see how DIY and professional installations stack up against each other. 

DIY Work Van Shelving Installation

A tradesperson may have the confidence and ability to handle van shelving installation. It’s a moderately complex task that doesn’t require rocket science. Guided manuals, no-drill kits, training videos, and other resources can make the process seamless. 

DIY installation is best for someone with the following:

  • Ability to understand detailed installation instructions (a must for first-timers)
  • Skills to use the required tools 
  • Patience in following the step-by-step installation process WITH CAUTION and care

And not paying attention can get you in trouble. Incorrectly installing a bracket could lead to restarting the project halfway through or result in an insecure unit. Drilling floor mounts or disregarding how blind fasteners should be used can lead to a punctured fuel tank and potential disaster.

Skip the DIY route if installation involves a person who is:

  • Unable to follow detailed instructions 
  • Likely to rush through the project
  • Concerned about causing damage to the work van or the shelving 

Professional Work Van Shelving Installation

Business owners may think that hiring a professional installer is unnecessary. And this may be the case in your situation if the right skills and abilities are already present. But, sometimes, bringing in help can be cheaper and less aggravating in the long run. 

If you run a residential service company, you’ve no doubt run into the case of a homeowner who tried to fix something on their own only to encounter difficulties and have to call for help. It’s no different with the installation of van shelving.  

Consider hiring a professional installer if you:

  • Don’t have the time for the project
  • Are uncertain about installation procedures (especially with trickier steps) 
  • Prefer to focus on actually running your business

Expert help is also the way to go if you’re upgrading a fleet of vehicles. Let your employees focus on their regular tasks instead of spending unnecessary hours reading instructions and experimenting on your dime. Before hiring any installer, check that they:

  • Have experience working with your vehicle and the brand of purchased shelving  
  • Can complete the work within your timeframe
  • Are licensed and insured (avoid amateur installers)

Your Resource For Work Van Shelving

Upfit Supply can not only recommend the best shelving system for your business and budget, but we’re for support after the sale. Our experts are ready to answer installation questions, suggest resources, and help you through the upfit process. Contact us today for personalized service.

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