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Review of Legend Wall Liners for GMC Savana & Chevy Express Vans

When it comes to upfitting your GMC Savana or Chevrolet Express cargo van, one popular option for better form and function is the installation of durable wall liners — and Legend Fleet Solutions provides a great set. But are these cargo van wall liners, AKA interior van panels, really worth it? Let’s explore the features, benefits, and installation process of Legend Fleet’s wall liners.

What Are Cargo Van Wall Liners?

Cargo van wall liners are a layer of durable plastic sheeting that protects your vehicle’s interior walls. Legend Fleet Solutions’ DuraTherm Wall Liners are a combination of plastic sheeting and a layer of insulation designed and cut to fit the unique contours of specific vehicle models, such as the GMC Savana and Chevrolet Express cargo vans. The precision cut makes protecting your van a breeze. Ultimately, these liners not only enhance the interior appearance of a van but also provide thermal and noise insulation, making your work van more comfortable and quiet.

Diagram of cargo van wall liners in GMC/Chevy Express van

The DuraTherm Wall Liners kit only covers, you guessed it, the walls — not the ceilings or the doors. If you’re looking for a complete set of interior van panels, you should consider a van liner package.

Why Use Cargo Van Wall Liners?

When you’re on the go, loading and unloading tools and equipment or transporting cargo, the interior of your van can easily get dinged up. And since the interior of your cargo van is also the exterior sheet metal, damage to the inside shows up on the outside. Cargo van wall liners protect the sheet metal from dents, dings, and scratches that are likely to happen from everyday wear and tear.

Unboxing and First Impressions of Legend DuraTherm Wall Liners

These cargo van wall liners aren’t small, and neither is their packaging. Due to their bulk and weight, they typically require shipping via a freight carrier, which may impact shipping costs and speed of delivery. The upside is that shipping on a pallet rather than other standard shipping options helps ensure the liners aren’t damaged in transit.

Key Features of Legend’s Cargo Van Wall Liners

Undeniably, one of the standout features of the Legend wall liners is their construction. The liners are about a half-inch thick and include a layer of insulation and a reflective foil that helps with temperature control inside the van and reduces road noise. “The back of the panel has thermal and noise-protecting insulation. It’s going to cut down on road noise as well as help control the temperatures in the back of the van,” Ryan, owner of Upfit Supply, explains. If you want your van extra quiet and cozy, another major benefit of these liners is that they have some wiggle room behind the panels to install additional insulation.

The wall liners are also precision-cut for specific van models, ensuring a perfect fit that covers all the nooks and crannies of the vehicle. DuraTherm Wall Liners are available at Upfit Supply for:

Color and Texture Options

Legend Fleet Solutions offers these interior van panels in textured gray and smooth white. “We wanted to try out these white liners and really brighten up the back of the van,” says Ryan about his color choice. The textured gray panels are great if you’re looking for more durability and don’t want to worry about scuff marks. The smooth white provides a clean, sleek look.

Cargo Van Wall Liners Installation Tips

Something to note: the packaging doesn’t include a printed installation guide. Instead, Legend provides a QR code you can scan with your smartphone to access the installation instructions. Consequently, if you’re a bit old-fashioned and need to know how to install wall liners in your cargo van, that can be a bit annoying.

Luckily, installation is pretty straightforward, thanks to pre-drilled holes and self-tapping screws included in the kit. And if you’re worried about drilling the screws too far, you don’t have to be. The screws in this cargo van wall liner kit have a space at the top of the screw head designed to prevent you from drilling too deep into the sheet metal.

Are Legend DuraTherm Wall Liners Worth It?

To sum it all up, Legend DuraTherm Cargo Van Wall Liners are an excellent investment for van owners looking to improve their vehicle’s utility, comfort, and resale value. Their detailed features, such as thermal insulation, significant noise reduction, custom fit, and ease of installation, make them a solid choice for work vans.

If you want to add wall liners and other accessories to your cargo van, Upfit Supply has everything you need.

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