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Cargo van security door locks are a must-have for any business that uses vans to transport goods and materials. They provide an extra layer of protection against theft and break-ins, helping to keep cargo secure and safe. With one of the most unique products on the market, Slick Locks helps keep your cargo safe with their cargo van security door lock kits. The door lock kits easily attach to your cargo van using existing holes on the vehicle – which means no drilling for most applications.

Slick Locks cargo van door lock kits include stealth blade brackets and a puck lock to secure each cargo door (side/rear). Cargo vans with one side door contain two puck locks – one for the side door and one for the rear doors. For cargo vans with two side cargo doors, the door lock kit will contain 3 puck locks – one for each side door, one for the rear doors. (Note: brackets and locks are not available for the front doors. We recommend using cargo van partitions to keep the cargo area secure)

Slick Locks Product Categories

Security Door Lock kits provide peace of mind for cargo van owners, who can feel secure knowing that their valuable belongings are protected from theft. Slick Locks makes cargo van door lock kits for every major cargo van in the US. Below are popular kits from Slick Locks.

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What's included in each kit?

Slick Locks Cargo Van Security Door Lock kits may include combinations of puck locks and stealth blade brackets depending on the make and model of the cargo van. When browsing our door lock kits, make sure that the kit fits the specifications of your cargo van.

Do your door locks fit on hinged or sliding doors?

Both! Our door lock kits are designed to fit on either hinged or sliding doors, making them a perfect security solution for any type of cargo van. So whether your cargo van uses hinged or sliding doors, rest assured that our locks can provide the ultimate protection against theft.

How do I install the door locks?

Installing Slick Locks Cargo Van Security Door Lock kits is easy. Each kit includes detailed instructions and engineered mounting brackets, which ensure a secure fit for your specific make and model of vehicle. Additionally, our customer service team is available to provide support should you need assistance.

Are Slick Locks Cargo Van Security Door Lock kits waterproof?

Yes. All of our locks are designed to resist water, dust and other environmental factors that could otherwise compromise the security of your cargo van. This makes them perfect for all weather conditions, ensuring that your valuables remain safe no matter the climate.

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