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4 Ways To Keep Your Cargo Van Secure

Although you’d like to think that a cargo van is a fortress, the reality is far different. Automakers provide basic vehicle protections like locks and security systems, but these features do little to prevent a motivated thief. But, simple enhancements can reduce the likelihood of a break-in. Plus, there are other benefits in taking preventative measures:

  • Saves money (against loss of inventory and equipment, insurance deductible)
  • Saves time (no distractions, like filing and managing an insurance claim)
  • Avoids downtime (for van repairs or inability to service clients)

With this in mind, let’s explore ways to help keep your cargo van secure.

Upgrade The Locks

Aside from windows, standard locks are a van’s most vulnerable point. A few tools and a little bit of effort are all a would-be bandit needs to hit a payday at your expense. While no lock is 100% secure, there are easy-to-add products that can make a thief’s job much more difficult.

  • Slick Locks: Slick Locks’ hockey-puck style protection is a first-line of protection for van owners. It’s affordable and easy to install on a sliding or rear cargo door.
  • Thunderbolt Deadbolt: A Thunderbolt system can reinforce a sliding or hinged door with an internal deadbolt and works with an existing factory remote.

Add Window Guards

A window guard or screen is a metal security grid installed inside a van to prevent entry via a broken window. While these devices won’t stop glass breakage, they are a visual reminder that shattering a protected window won’t lead to van access. A deterrent like this is an effective anti-theft device.

Install A Bulkhead

Add reinforced locks and a cargo van partition to create a vault-like area in your cargo van. Not only does the sight of a bulkhead disincentivize a thief, but such a system makes unauthorized cargo area entry very difficult. Bulkheads come in various styles (mesh openings, with or without windows) and materials (composite or steel). One popular bulkhead brand is Weather Guard, its components are engineered to fit most cargo vans.

Use A Lockable Storage Unit

A secure storage unit can serve as a second layer of protection. Should additional measures fail (or factory equipment not be upgraded), the bandit has to then attempt breaking into a locked bin or drawer. A secure storage system is ideal for protecting valuable equipment and supplies that would otherwise be vulnerable during a break-in.

  • Weather Guard Pack Rat:  Pack Rat units come in many sizes that can accommodate power tools and other odd-sized gear. And, multiple draws can be set up with the same key for easy access. Installation is simple and secure.
  • Decked Storage: The Decked storage system occupies the cargo area floor and is accessible via drawers (with available locks) that slide out from the back of the van. This unique design keeps the system (and its contents) discrete when closed. Deck Storage is available for most cargo vans.

Protect Your Van With Upfit Supply

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