Installing DuraTherm Wall Liners in our RAM ProMaster

Installing wall liners in your cargo van can protect the vehicle’s interior, improve insulation, and give it a polished look. Whether you’re using your van for work or personal adventures, a wall liner is a worthwhile addition. Here’s a comprehensive guide on how to install the DuraTherm Wall Liners from Legend Fleet Solutions in a cargo van, specifically focusing on the RAM ProMaster.

Tools and Materials Needed

Before beginning the installation process, gather the following tools and materials:

  • Rubber mallet
  • Drill or impact driver with Phillips head bit
  • Trim removal tool or pry bar (for removing factory paneling)
  • Self-drilling screws (included with the kit)
  • Push-in plastic clips (included with the kit)

Tips for a Smooth Installation

DIY van upfits aren’t as intimidating as you might think. But here are a few tips we’ve learned along the way to make sure installing your door liners goes smoothly:

  • Clear Debris: Always clear out any debris in the mounting holes to make the installation smoother.
  • Align Panels: Use a screwdriver through the holes in the panel to find and align with the holes in the van’s walls.
  • Work Outwards: Start securing the panel from the center and work your way outwards to prevent wrinkles.

What to Know Before You Install Wall Liners

  1. Remove Factory Paneling: If your van has black factory paneling, you’ll need to remove it. Use a trim removal tool or a pry bar to take out the plastic clips holding the paneling in place.
  2. Install Floor and Wheel Well Covers: If you plan to install a floor or wheel well covers, do this before installing the wall liner. This ensures a proper fit and alignment.
  3. Verify Panel Fit: Ensure you have the correct wall liner panels for your van’s specific wheelbase length and roof height.

How to Install DuraTherm Wall Liners in RAM ProMaster

Legend Fleet Solutions’ DuraTherm Wall Liners combine durable plastic sheeting with a layer of insulation, custom-designed to fit your RAM ProMaster perfectly. The precision-cut design ensures an easy installation process, offering superior protection for your van. These liners not only improve the interior appearance but also provide excellent thermal and noise insulation, creating a more comfortable and quieter work environment.

Step 1: Unbox and Align Panels

  • Unbox your wall liner kit, which should include three panels, two for the driver side, one for the passenger.
  • Lay out the panels and ensure they align with the contours of your van’s walls.

Step 2: Prepare the Van’s Interior

  • Remove any debris from the mounting holes in the van’s walls. You can use a flathead screwdriver to clear out any manufacturing debris.
  • Remove D-rings on the van walls (if equipped).

Step 3: Position and Secure Panels

  • Begin by positioning the panels against the van walls. Insert a few push-in clips to help index and hold the panel in place.

Step 4: Install Push-In Clips

  • Push-in clips are more forgiving and help secure the panel. Start by inserting these clips into the larger holes on the panels, which align with corresponding holes in the van’s sheet metal.

Step 5: Insert Self-Drilling Screws

  • Once the panel is held in place with push-in clips, start inserting self-drilling screws into the smaller holes. It’s advisable to begin from the center of the panel and work your way outwards to ensure a smooth and wrinkle-free installation.

Step 6: Reinstall D-Rings

  • If any D-rings were removed from the van’s walls, reattach the D-rings over the liner for added utility.

Final Thoughts On Installing Wall Liners

Installing a wall liner in your cargo van is pretty straightforward. With basic tools and a bit of patience, you can ensure a professional-looking installation that enhances your van’s functionality and appearance. The DuraTherm wall liners are a great protective and noise-reducing option for cargo and work vans that frequently transport equipment and materials.

For more van upfitting products and detailed installation guides, visit Upfit Supply. Happy van building!

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