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What’s My Wheelbase? How To Determine The Wheelbase of Your Ford Transit

The first step in upfitting your Ford Transit work van is identifying its specifications.  One of these critical details to know is your vehicle’s wheelbase.  Having this information in hand, along with other vital specs, will help you order the proper wall liners, shelving systems, and other equipment.  Figuring out the wheelbase of your Ford Transit is easy.  There’s no need for guessing or estimating, which can lead to buying the wrong products.

Read on as we cover the different ways to verify this measurement for your work van.

Wheelbase Options for Ford Transit Cargo Vans

Cargo versions of the Ford Transit van come in four models: 150, 250, 350, and 350HD.  There are two wheelbase variants: 130 inches or 148 inches. Identifying your particular Transit makes determining the wheelbase easier.  Keep in mind that the 350HD is only offered in the 148-inch version (and it’s the only Transit van with dual rear wheels).  So, if this is your van, then your wheelbase information gathering is done.

What’s the VIN?

Your van’s vehicle identification number (VIN) is an essential component for wheelbase determination. VIN details are available:

  • On the driver’s door jamb (look on the certification label)
  • Near the lower windshield area of the dashboard (on the driver’s side)
  • On the van’s title or registration
  • On dealer documents like a receipt or contract

Locating Ford Transit Cargo Van Wheelbase Details

Look at the Window Sticker

The factory window sticker, sometimes called the Monroney sticker, has your van’s official details as provided by Ford.  This information will include wheelbase specs as well as roof height and body length.  If the vehicle was purchased new, then the dealer should have provided this sticker (this is federal law).  Otherwise, Ford will sell you a replacement window sticker.


If the window sticker isn’t handy, then grab a tape measure to determine your Transit’s wheelbase.  You’ll want to measure the distance from the center of the front wheel hub to the same spot on the back wheel.  Your results will be close to either 130 or 148 inches.  If not, recheck your starting and end points for the measurement.

Use A VIN Decoder

An online VIN decoder is a good source to double-check any manual wheelbase measurements.  Websites like vehiclehistory.com or decodethis.com provide a no-cost overview of your van’s information, including wheelbase.  If there are any conflicts, default to the window sticker or your measurement for the most accurate details.

Contact A Ford Dealer

A local Ford dealer is another good source of wheelbase information.  Just have the VIN handy and make a call. Ideally, the dealer can email you a hard copy of the van’s specs.  If not, ask the staff person to reconfirm any verbal information you’re given.

Upfitting Ford Transit Cargo Vans

Knowing the correct wheelbase for your Transit van means you’re ready to gear up for business.  Let Upfit Supply help with your cargo van equipment recommendations suited just for your trade.  Contact us today.

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