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The Top 6 Cargo Van Lock Solutions

Protecting tools and cargo in a work van is a top priority, especially if the vehicle is vulnerable to a break-in at a job site or overnight. OEM locks only go so far, so adding a supplemental cargo van lock system is a cost-effective way to avoid future hassles. Let’s explore your options.

Slick Locks

Slick Locks’ no-fuss approach to work van security is a favorite among business owners and fleet managers. Drill-free, vehicle-specific installation is simple via existing factory holes, so there’s no damage to worry about when it’s time to trade in the vehicle. And stainless steel hardware limits rust to preserve the van’s professional appearance and value. Conveniently, Slick Locks are available for sliding side doors and rear cargo doors, which are keyed together in the kit.

Thunderbolt Deadbolt Locks

One of modern life’s greatest conveniences is remote control vehicle access; there’s no fumbling around for keys during inclement weather or when your arms are full. Thunderbolt deadbolt locks combine this nicety with a reinforced deadbolt lock system to protect all entry points into a van, including the cab doors. Once installed, the Thunderbolt system can be engaged or disengaged with a press of the OEM key fob. The company even offers an upgrade for vans without a keyless entry system. The benefit of the Thunderbolt deadbolt lock system is it is by far the hardest lock to penetrate as it is installed inside of the door.

Meroni UFO Locks

Meroni’s UFO locks combine the benefits of the compact, visual deterrent of Slick Locks with the added impenetrability of a drilled-on lock. UFO locks are drilled and bolted onto the cargo van door, yet concealed behind the lock so the attachment points cannot be drilled out. This makes UFO locks one of the most impenetrable locks on the market. UFO locks are available in an assortment of variations, including the UFO Classic Lock, UFO+ Slamlock, and UFO3 Smart Duo Locks.

Thule Van Locks

The more difficult it is to break into a work van, the greater the deterrence. Thule van locks keep this idea in mind by offering an affordable secondary system visible to a would-be thief. Usable on sliding side doors or rear doors, the Thule van lock only requires a few steps to add a layer of protection. As is typical of Thule’s well-known outdoor gear, this van lock features a well-thought-out design that skips exposed hasps and padlocks.

Legend SecuriLock Van Locks

Legend Fleet Solutions has introduced a new cargo van lock to the US and Canadian market. Despite its new release in the US, this lock has been around for years in the European van market. The SecuriLock is another lock in our lineup that requires drilling into the door, but with that comes added security and protection. In essence, you know this lock cannot be sawed off or picked. The SecuriLock is available as both a slam lock and a dead/slam lock combo.

Master Lock Hasp & Puck

Master Lock makes a straightforward solution that uses a puck and hidden hasp design, ideal for rear cargo doors. It’s a standard two-plate configuration (one plate per door) with a puck-style lock in the middle. An outer rim protects the lock from pry bars and bolt cutters. This low-cost option uses an alloy steel and zinc composition.

Upfit Supply: Your Resource for Van Security

Don’t go it alone when it comes to making your work van more secure; contact Upfit Supply for personalized support. We’ll review your security needs and concerns and recommend the ideal products to match your business and budget. It’s all part of our hands-on approach to customer service. Discover how our complete line of work van equipment can help your bottom line.

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