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What’s My Wheelbase? How To Determine the Wheelbase of Your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Van

Your Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van is ready to hit the road, but it first needs to be equipped for your business.  Before figuring out what Sprinter van shelving systems and other gear to buy, you’ll need to identify basic specs about your van, including wheelbase.  Having this accurate information will avoid costly ordering mistakes and help get that Sprinter on the job sooner.

Avoid making an educated guess about your van’s wheelbase. Instead, review this article for simple steps for determining a Mercedes Sprinter wheelbase measurement.

Wheelbase Details for Mercedes Sprinter Cargo Vans

The Sprinter comes in a dizzying array of configurations. But, don’t worry, we’re focusing on just the cargo version, which is available in five varieties: 1500, 2500, 3500, 3500XD, and 4500. There are two wheelbase options: 144 inches and 170 inches.  You’ll see these measurements referenced in marketing materials and official documentation, but the actual lengths are 144.3 inches and 170.3 inches, respectively.

Notably, the Sprinter 1500 only comes with a 144-inch wheelbase. So, if you’re upfitting this model, then you already have the information you need.

Your Sprinter’s VIN

Having your van’s vehicle identification number (VIN) on hand will make specific wheelbase identification tasks easier (these are covered below).  The VIN can be found:

  • Where the windshield and dashboard meet (driver’s side)
  • On the certification label that’s on the door jamb (driver’s side)
  • On the Sprinter’s registration or title
  • On dealer service records or a sales contract

Identify Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Cargo Van Wheelbase Info

Look at the Window Sticker

The holy grail for all things about your Sprinter, including its wheelbase, is the factory window sticker (called the Monroney sticker for those in the auto business).  Federal law requires this sticker to be attached to all new vehicles. So, if you purchased the van new, you’ve likely got this document among the paperwork.  Don’t worry if you can’t find the sticker or bought the van second-hand. Read on for more wheelbase identification resources.

Measure the Wheelbase

Even in today’s technology-laden society, sometimes going old-school can be the best solution.  In the case of determining the Sprinter’s wheelbase, simply pick up a tape measure and head over to the van. You’ll need to measure the span between the front and rear wheels (on just one side).  Be sure to start and end at the center of each wheel’s hub, and you’ll come up with an approximate measurement of either 144 or 170 inches.  If your results show otherwise, then recheck your process.

Consider A VIN Decoder

Several websites, like decodethis.com or vehiclehistory.com, offer an online VIN decoder for your Sprinter cargo van.  Enter in the VIN, and you’ll receive a free report with your vehicle’s specs, such as wheelbase. For any differences in wheelbase information, consider the factory window sticker or the manual measurement the most accurate source.

Contact Mercedes-Benz

If the van was purchased through a local Mercedes-Benz dealer, then definitely reach out to that business first for assistance.  You can also contact Mercedes-Benz customer service for help. Simply supply the VIN and ask if they can provide a duplicate window sticker.  You can also request a “build sheet” which details all the specifications about the Sprinter.

Equipping Your Mercedes Sprinter Van

With your van’s wheelbase specs now available, you’re ready to upfit your Sprinter van ideally for your business.  Discover how equipment from Upfit Supply can improve operations and efficiency; contact us today.

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